What our patients say

Our patients are our biggest advocates. We always want to hear from them and see the progress they make with recovery. 

Damian Hopley happy to be returning to exercise after knee operation at Fortius

Ivor is back in the game after knee replacement at Fortius Clinic

Yoga lover  Margaret Saladis after hip surgery at fortius

Paul Eden after knee replacement surgery

Danni Gilfillan after knee surgery at Fortius clinic

Andrew Hughes after foot surgery at Fortius Clinic

Jeff Tetlow after knee replacement  surgery at fortius clinic

Ghislaine after shoulder surgery at Fortius Clinic

Lesley's shoulder surgery at Fortius Clinic

Hear Steve's story

Steve Betts was one of the first Stryker Mako patients at Fortius Joint Replacement Centre to have total knee replacements in one surgery. Since the operation with Mr Houlihan-Burne, Steve has gone from strength to strength, and as an avid cyclist and sailor has been able to swiftly return to his favourite hobbies.

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Just three months following surgery Tom completed 105 miles of the Tour de France, an Ironman in Hamburg and a marathon in London.
Tom doing cycling after knee surgery at Fortius clinic
The Fortius Surgical Centre was brilliant, the staff were very attentive and the facilities were exceptional – I knew I was in great hands from the second I arrived
Julia's shoulder surgery at Fortius clinic

A shoulder patient testimonial

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Corbett and am very fortunate to have asked him for the second opinion.

Simon, Management Consultant
Treated by Mr Steven Corbett

Susan Alexander's patient

I had calcium deposits and a frayed suprasprinatus tendon and I can't thank Ms Alexander, Consultant Shoulder Surgeon and the surgical team enough for a job well done. Six days post op and the pain is gone and the recovery is racing along. I couldn't feel any better

Treated by Ms Susan Alexander

Smiley faces

As far as surgery and ops go, it was a relatively stress free process and dare I say it, somewhat enjoyable. Everyone was on hand and very willing to help. The clinic itself was a lovely clean environment, with plenty of smiley faces, so thank you again.

Treated by Mr Simon Ball