Educational Events

Fortius Clinic is committed to providing continued education and sharing knowledge and best practice in orthopaedics and musculoskeletal medicine. We strive to stay connected and engage with our partners and referrers.

As an organization, we host an annual educational programme aimed at Physiotherapists and GPs including: monthly lectures, webinars, training days, in-practice CPD and MDT sessions, as well as our Fortius International Sports Injury Conference. Our Consultants are dedicated to sharing their expertise through trainings and presentations on the latest findings and practices in their specialties, and we are always looking for new ways to become involved in the communities we serve.

Upcoming Events

Join leading Fortius Consultants Professor James Calder, Mr Sam Church, Dr Jon Houghton and Jarrod Antflick as they discuss management of Achilles and Patella Tendinopathy in the athlete.

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