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The provider of choice

Fortius is proud of its reputation in elite sport. We are the provider of choice for many clubs and players and we want to continue to deliver world class care to all our partners. The launch of Fortius Pro enables us to offer even higher levels of personalised service and clinical care with our expert team of surgeons, radiologists and physicians.

World class care

  • Unequalled advice, planning and decision making on treatment options
  • Unrivalled performance on recovery and return to play
  • Always available access to world-leading consultants and their experienced teams of multidisciplinary physicians and support staff

Personalised service

  • 24/7 personalised, dedicated service, single point of contact
  • All arrangements taken care of - medical and logistics
  • Immediate access to managed services on a priority basis - outpatient consultations, imaging, surgical, rehabilitation

Advice and communication

  • First line, open contact with lead surgeons and multidisciplinary teams to discuss cases  
  • Dialogue with radiologists on diagnostic imaging, interventional procedures, remote radiology reporting 
  • Feedback and advisory reports on diagnostics, treatment plans and outcomes

Screening and continuous care

  • Signing medicals
  • Injury prevention strategies and actions
  • Human performance assessment and management

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