My ankle replacement with Mr Callum Clark

In November 2017, Mr Clark performed Total Ankle Replacement surgery on my left ankle and in doing so, gave me back a life. My history with this ankle dates back 25 years but during most of that time although ‘confident of pain’ and often walking with a slight limp it had not prevented me from leading a relatively normal and active life. In April 2016 this all changed, a rapid deterioration occurred and I was referred to Mr Clark.

Following X-ray and MRI investigation Mr Clark explained how there was little or no cartilage in my ankle joint and that he felt an ankle replacement would be the best course of action. This is no small undertaking, and was a hard pill to swallow. Mr Clark clearly explained the procedure, what to expect afterwards and engaged me in the process. He dealt with all my concerns with clarity and honesty, ensuring that my post op expectations were realistic (which was important as I enjoy mountain biking and other outdoor activities which I can still do but with some restrictions). Immediately prior to surgery I was unable to go to the shops, walk my dog, stand for more than a couple of minutes and found myself spending most of every day just sitting and dreading having to stand.

Five months on, having diligently followed my physiotherapy plan, I continue to be pain free and leading a normal life again, swimming,  walking, gardening, beginning to introduce cycling, mountain biking (with care) and just simply being able to participate in family life. I particularly like Mr Clarks quiet and calm manner and was super impressed with the quality of his suturing! For me now, ‘every day is Christmas Day’, and I will be eternally grateful. 

For me every day is Christmas Day! Thank you Mr Clark.

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