Our values

Our values guide the behaviours and competencies of everyone who works at Fortius Clinic.

Our name reflects our passion, Fortius, from the Olympian motto faster, higher, stronger.

Making it happen

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of evidence-based orthopaedics and sports medicine, improving patient outcomes and setting new standards of clinical excellence. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, our culture is to embrace the expertise and ideas of colleagues, our drive gives us the energy and agility to make change happen.

Personalised care

We want every patient to experience exceptional care with us, where we understand their goals, anticipate their needs and tailor care around them. For our patients, Fortius Clinic means access to world-class orthopaedics and sports medicine, easily, effortlessly and with compassion at every step.

Stronger together

We believe that super-specialism is the only way to deliver world-class care, individuals working together towards a common goal, to be the best. Fortius is founded on the principles of trust, integrity and mutual respect and our success is defined by the strength of our relationships with one another.


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