Becoming a Fortius patient

You may be referred to a Fortius consultant by your GP, physiotherapist or other health professionals. Or you may have found us online or been recommended by a friend or relative. Whichever way you find us, once you have made the decision to come to Fortius, you can rest assured that we are here to guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

Booking an appointment

If you have been referred to a specific consultant or know who you would like to see, you can book with our Appointments team on 0203 195 2442 or contact the consultant’s secretary directly. If you have been referred by your GP, physiotherapist or another health professional you will need a referral letter. If you are paying for your own treatment you can refer yourself. 

Not sure who to see? You can browse all of our consultants listed here. Otherwise our Appointments team can help you find the right consultant for your complaint or injury.


At this point you will receive an email from us regarding our Outcomes Programme, this is known as SCORES. This outcome measurement tool evaluates all of our patients' treatment, allowing us to measure and evaluate treatment programmes so that we can continuously improve our care. 

Insured or paying for yourself?

Once you’ve booked your appointment, if you haven’t already done so, it’s important that you contact your insurance company to obtain authorisation for the treatment. If you are paying for yourself, we can provide you with the cost of the consultation. Please be aware that the consultation price doesn’t cover scans or additional tests and investigations you may require on the day. Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation of appointment letter from us by email, with all the necessary details for your visit. 

Outpatient consultations

On arrival at our clinic you will be asked to register and complete any outstanding details we need. Your consultant will see you in a private room, listen to your complaint, examine you and take a previous medical history. If you need investigations these can be arranged on the same day, or at a time that is convenient to you. 

Further investigations

During your appointment, your consultant may refer you for an MRI, X-ray, CT or ultrasound scan. We can usually offer scans on the same day as your appointment. A follow up with your consultant will be arranged for another day. 

Treatments and procedures

If your consultant decides that you need a treatment such as an injection, you will be informed about this at the time and it will be an additional cost. 

Should your consultant recommend that the best course of treatment for you is to undergo a surgical procedure, this will take place at Fortius Clinic London, Fortius Surgical Centre or Spire St Anthony's Hospital.

Ways to pay

If you are covered by your private medical insurer, we will invoice them directly for your treatment. If there is a shortfall or excess on your account, we will settle this with you.

If you are paying for yourself, you will be invoiced after your consultation or treatment. 

It's easy to pay for treatment, you can do this via the Fortius Portal, the Fortius app or by BACS. 


Stage one - Please fill out the details below.

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Stage two - Please confirm that the information below is correct and insert your payment details.

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Using our dedicated payment page is a safe and quick way to settle your invoice and will not save your card details on our system. Please contact the Fortius Billing Team on if you have any queries.

Pay £{{ amount }}

Thank you for your payment. We will allocate the payment against your invoice within the next day. If you need a receipt, or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at