England rugby sevens player returns to Fortius for treatment

England rugby sevens player Celia Quansah knew she was in good hands when she ruptured her second ACL and returned to Fortius Clinic for her treatment.

Celia, who is 28-years-old and lives in Shepshed near Loughborough, played in the GB national women’s rugby sevens team in the 2020 Olympics. Despite an injury at the end of 2021 she also played in the Team GB squad at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. She currently has a contract with Leicester Tigers.

“I first came across Fortius when I had trouble with my ankle,” said Celia. “I then ruptured the ACL in my left knee playing a game for Wasps and went to see Consultant Knee Surgeon Andy Williams who was great. That was my first big injury and first big operation. It was at the end of 2021 and I needed to be back for the Commonwealth Games in July. Andy gave me the confidence that this was possible as long as I did my rehabilitation. I had surgery almost immediately and my rehab went smoothly so I made it to the Games.”

Six months after the Games, Celia had another serious injury. She partially dislocated her femur, ruptured her ACL and had a lateral meniscus tear in her right knee.

Andy said: “Celia came to see me straightaway and was ibraced and non-weight bearing. I sent her for an MRI, which was done 30 minutes later, so I was able to assess her immediately. About a week later she went into the Fortius Surgical Centre and I did an ACL reconstruction and an MCL reconstruction.”

A few months later Celia started feeling pain in her hamstring so she went back to see Andy who said the staples in her leg were irritating her tendons. He did a second procedure on her right knee taking out the staples and a screw from the MCL surgery.

Celia said: “I felt so much better after the second procedure in June. I’m now on my way back and hoping to be able to play in the Olympics this year.”

Celia has had to build up her strength to replace her lost muscle. She has also been doing balance work as the structure of her knee has changed and she has to learn how to use it again.

She said: “The staff at Fortius couldn’t have been more helpful in what has been a stressful time. Andy has such a good reputation. I know so many people who he has treated. I was confident that I was in good hands!”


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