Nicola Aspinall

Chief Executive

Since 2015, Nicola Aspinall has been involved in leading the development and implementation of our strategy and planning. Originally joining the company as Chief Operating Officer, Nicola has over 20 years of experience in a variety of healthcare management roles, including both private sector and NHS.

James Francis

Chief Financial Officer

James is a chartered accountant and leads the financial strategy and operations for Fortius Group. James has been with Fortius for over five years, previously as Head of Finance and Commercial and has led the group process for budgeting, financial performance, forecasting and the financial analysis of the business as well as any relevant strategic modelling.

Lucy Ball

Director of Outpatients and Radiology Services

A qualified radiographer, Lucy’s knowledge, experience and organisational abilities - gained in hospitals around the country - help keep Fortius Clinic running smoothly and efficiently.

Sohana Jisook

Director of Surgical Services

Sohana is an experienced and driven healthcare professional with over 20 years of clinical background in operating theatres around London and abroad. She provides overall leadership for operating theatres and the company’s surgical strategy.

Jo Pierre

Director of Clinical Services

Jo Pierre has over 25 years of clinical and managerial experience in the NHS and private sector giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the orthopaedic patient care pathway. Jo works closely with her team to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered, to provide an all-round positive experience. 

James Crocker

Surgical Business Manager

James has worked in a number of roles within healthcare. At Fortius he is responsible for overseeing scheduling and increasing utilisation and efficiency at the Surgical Centre. He works closely with all clinical and non-clinical teams to ensure success for the surgical side of the business.

Helen Jamieson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Helen is responsible for the brand, marketing and communications strategy for Fortius. She has worked in the private healthcare sector for over 20 years and has held marketing positions in a number of the leading private hospital groups.

Mary Jones

Director of Research, Effectiveness and Standards

A qualified physiotherapist, Mary has a particular interest in the outcome of orthopaedic surgery and treatments and works with the consultants and orthopaedic fellows carrying out research in these areas. She is also responsible for the clinical audit programme at Fortius Clinic.

Diogo Pereira

Head of Consultant Services and Billing

Diogo previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry. His background is in sales and business. At Fortius he leads the billing, consultant support services and appointments teams.

Braden Rissel

Head of Theatres

Braden is a Registered Nurse and qualified Surgical First Assistant with over 30 years’ experience in operating theatres. He has been with Fortius since its inception in 2016 and has worked both in the public and private sector.

Fenia Stathakis

Head of Consultant Engagement

Fenia has over 20 years of healthcare experience and in-depth knowledge of the private healthcare sector in London and the UK. She has previously worked in private healthcare insurance, hospital and service development and managed private practice. She is responsible for the consultant engagement strategy and maintaining strong relations with all Fortius consultants.

Camilla Umanska

Financial Controller

A qualified accountant, Camilla is responsible for overseeing the financial accounting function for Fortius Group Limited and its subsidiaries.  

Jackie Young

Head of Quality & Risk

Jackie has over 15 years of healthcare experience working in the private sector. As Quality Manager, she is responsible for supporting the leadership and management of the Quality agenda including implementation of the management of quality governance, patient safety, clinical effectiveness, and regulatory compliance for Fortius.

Mr Andy Williams


Andy is especially known for the treatment of elite athletes, and complex knee reconstruction, but has a major research commitment with award-winning projects, which he believes strongly supports his clinical work. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles. His study of knee motion employing weight-bearing, ‘dynamic’ MRI fundamentally changed thinking in the field.  

Professor Andrew Amis


Andrew is head of the Medical Engineering research group at Imperial College London. He has worked in orthopaedic research for more than 40 years, principally on design and development of joint replacements and reconstruction of soft-tissue injuries. He collaborates with Mr Andy Williams and Mr James Calder on research related to the knee, and to the foot and ankle.

Mr Daniel Howcroft


Dan trained in orthopaedics at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital and now works as a Medical Director in Bupa UK Insurance. Dan’s particular interest is in value based healthcare and the care of musculoskeletal conditions. Joining the FREF Trustees felt like a perfect fit with their commitment to education, research and innovation.

Professor James Calder


James Calder is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Fortius Clinic London and Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College where he directs the “FORCE” Sports Injury Research Group. He has a passion for developing innovative research projects aimed at improving the clinical outcomes following musculoskeletal conditions with a particular emphasis on sports injuries. He supervises several PhD at Universities within the UK, Europe and USA.  

Mr Jason Harvey


Jason specialises in spinal surgery and has a particular interest in the development cervical disc replacement surgery. He is invited to teach nationally and internationally.
Most recent publications include Cervical Spine Anatomy in the latest edition of Greys Anatomy

Dr Justin Lee

Chair & Consultant Radiologist

Dr Lee specialises in all aspects of musculoskeletal imaging. He works as a radiologist for a number of individual sports professionals and players from Premier League and Championship football clubs, Premiership rugby clubs and professional cricket clubs

Nicola Aspinall

Chief Operating Officer

Nicola provides operational leadership to Fortius, with full responsibility for the day to day running of all clinical and non-clinical services. Nicola has a strong background in healthcare management, having spent over 15 years in various managerial positions in both the NHS and private sector.

Professor Julian Redhead

Medical Director

Professor Redhead is a Consultant Physician in Sport and Exercise medicine. He has a special interest in sports injuries and, in particular, diagnosis and patient rehabilitation. He also has an interest in paediatric and adolescent injuries

Mr Steven Corbett

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Corbett specialises in shoulder and elbow treatments.He is surgeon to sports professionals in rugby, cricket and athletics. His primary interest is arthroscopic shoulder and elbow surgery, and the reconstruction of complex shoulder and elbow injuries.

Mr David Houlihan-Burne

Consultant Knee Surgeon

Mr Houlihan-Burne specialises in all aspects of knee surgery. His surgical interests include knee cartilage and ligament injury treatment as well as knee arthritis, particularly in the younger patient.


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