Osteochondral injury of the ankle (talus)

Osteochondral injury (or osteochondral defect) of the ankle is an injury to the bone or smooth cartilage covering the joint surface in the ankle.

How is it caused?

This type of injury can be due to a severe ankle sprain that causes bone and cartilage to become loose, resulting in ongoing ankle pain. Sometimes damage can also occur spontaneously (without an injury).

How is it diagnosed?

Although this type of injury may show up on an X-ray, it’s easier to diagnose using a CT or MRI scan.

How is it treated?

An arthroscopy may be carried out to examine the joint and remove any loose bone fragments or cartilage.

Important: This information is only a guideline to help you understand your treatment and what to expect. Everyone is different and your rehabilitation may be quicker or slower than other people’s. Please contact us for advice if you’re worried about any aspect of your health or recovery.