Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Injury Treatment

At Fortius we offer a range of specialist treatments and services to help get you back to optimum health. 

Sports and Exercise Medicine

At Fortius we are used to treating everyone from high performance elite athletes and recreational amateur football players to people with arthritis or musculoskeletal conditions in sport.

Whatever your sport or activity, if you injure yourself or are experiencing discomfort or pain you can see one of our expert sports and exercise medicine consultants for a diagnosis. Treatment may not involve surgery. Our sports injury specialists can prescribe individualised treatment programmes with a physiotherapist. 

Mako robotic-assisted surgery

At the Fortius Joint Replacement Centre we use Mako robotic-assisted surgery for hip and knee replacements. This innovative technology provides your surgeon with a personalised surgical plan optimised for your unique anatomy, and then ensures the surgeon executes the operation perfectly. 


Our feet can have a huge impact on our health and movement. High or low arches in the feet, differences in leg length or injuries from sports can all cause problems throughout the body. In some cases, we adapt to these differences with no problems, though often they can cause pain and injury as the body is forced to adapt. 


Rheumatology involves the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. It incorporates disorders of joints, bones, tendons, muscles, spinal pain and inflammatory arthritis amongst others. At Fortius we have a team of expert Rheumatologists who will evaluate all of your symptoms before beginning the appropriate treatment.

Health and Fitness Service

Dr Steve Ingham offers an exciting service at our City clinic that aims to support performance in endurance events and the workplace. He offers a variety of packages dependant on the patients' goals.

Tendon Service

See one of our expert specialists for achilles tendinopathy and tendon injuries. Our physicians and surgeons work closely with rehabilitation experts to provide a tailored treatment programme, as well as the latest technology with UTC diagnostic ultrasound scanning.

Rapid access for winter sports

Snowboarding and skiing continue to grow in popularity, with more people taking up this extreme sport each year. However, both sports place great mechanical stress on the body and can bring with them a high number of injuries. 

If you’ve sustained a fall or minor injury while on the slopes, don’t delay getting it checked out. Hairline fractures, cartilage damage and little niggles can grow into something bigger if not treated. If you’ve been treated in a hospital abroad and aren’t sure whether you need more treatment back in the UK, we can provide you with the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat any snow injury.