Fortius Clinic patient journey

Patient safety

We take patient safety very seriously. Face masks are no longer mandatory at our sites but are provided for those who wish to wear them. 

Diagnostic Imaging

If you have been referred for a scan by your Consultant, you can often have this on the same day of your consultation, or you can book with our friendly reception team to have it on a day more convenient for you. Your scan will be interpreted on the same day by a Consultant Radiologist who is an expert in the field. They will prepare a report for your Consultant which will be ready within 24 working hours. Your Consultant will then discuss the results with you at your follow-up appointment.


If you have had further diagnostic investigations such as an MRI scan, you will need to see your Consultant for a follow-up appointment. Your Consultant will discuss with you the results from your consultation and diagnostic investigations. They will then recommend the most appropriate treatment for your condition which may be discharging you if no further treatment is required, referring you on to another health professional, booking you in for a procedure or operation, or organising an immediate nursing appointment in the clinic.

Non-operative treatments

Whenever possible, our expert Consultants will work together to ensure that surgery is the last option. If your specialist suggests further investigations such as blood tests or imaging, these will be carried out on site at one of our outpatient centres. 

Your Consultant might refer you to one of our leading Consultant Physicians for ongoing holistic care. The team are experts in the fields of Rheumatology, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Metabolic Bone Medicine and Pain Management. Alternatively, our Consultants are highly connected with healthcare practitioners around London and might refer you to a Physiotherapist for further treatment or rehabilitation. 


If you need surgery, this takes place at our dedicated orthopaedic day surgery centre in Marylebone, or at our inpatient Joint Replacement Centre at Cromwell Hospital and Spire St Anthony’s Hospital. Our leading orthopaedic surgeons also operate at other leading private hospitals around London.  

If your Consultant has recommended that you need to have an operation, they will explain the whole procedure to you and what to expect afterwards. 

Dressing change

If you need to have your dressing changed, you can make an appointment to see one of our specialist outpatient nursing team who will be able to see you. 


If you need rehabilitation, you will be referred to a specialist physiotherapist or other health professional by your Consultant. We have established relationships with many of the capital's leading physio teams and can arrange for you to be referred to see them quickly and efficiently.