Our podiatrist, Anne-Marie O’Connor, works with our team of specialists to analyse a wide range of orthopaedic conditions and design a personalised treatment plan for each patient. You will normally be referred to Anne-Marie by one of our orthopaedic surgeons, although you can contact us to ask for a direct referral if you prefer.

A leader in podiatric sports medicine, Anne-Marie uses biomechanical assessments with digital gait analysis equipment to assess each patient, helping both professional and amateur sportsmen and women to return to fitness as quickly as possible.

Anne-Marie is a specialist in lower limb biomechanics so can assess and advise on any injury which is mechanical in origin, for example, joint or leg pain that affects you when you are walking or exercising.

Patients attend the podiatric clinic from a wide range of sports - including track and field athletics, skiing, football and rugby - and have access to a variety of treatments. These include temporary or customised orthotics, best trainer/footwear advice and, where appropriate, a structured training or rehabilitation programme.

You may be referred to a podiatrist for a number of reasons including:

  •     Activity related lower back pain associated with foot posture
  •     Any activity related pain affecting the foot and ankle
  •     Ankle instability (re-occurring sprains)
  •     Functional Knee pain or other knee conditions
  •     Foot profile concerns (pronated or supinated feet)
  •     Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome (runner’s knee)

    Exercise induced shin pain (shin splints)
    Metatarsal pain on activity (metatarsalgia)
    Morton’s neuroma

Cavus foot and shin splints are two very painful yet common conditions that a podiatry consultation can help diagnose and treat.
Our feet can have a huge impact on our health and movement. High or low arches in the feet, differences in leg length or injuries from sports can all cause problems throughout the body. In some cases, we adapt to these differences with no problems, though often they can cause pain and injury as the body is forced to adapt.
Fortius is very proud to offer FIFA accredited care, as a recognised centre of excellence.
Fortius offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging including MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Interventional radiology treatments include injections, arthrograms and hydrodilatations.