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"Please could you pass on my best regards to David, as I was a patient of his back in 2015, diagnosed with Lateral Facet Overpressure Syndrome. Since then, I have managed to work my way back from a lot of knee trouble to completing this year’s London Marathon, after being lucky enough to land a ballot place!

When I met David at the Fortius Clinic I was greatly reassured by his guidance and his opinion that I could rectify my chronic knee pain, and after a lot of physio work and gradual running on the flat, I was able to progress to completing the St Albans half marathon last year, which made me want to focus on tackling twice the distance.>

I wanted to share my story as it’s important to show that if I can do this at 47 years ‘young’ then anything is possible for patients who are my age or younger and also suffering comparable knee issues.

Thank you to all of you at Fortius, and I hope to have news of a sub 4:30 run if I can get into next year’s race!"

Patient treated by Mr David Houlihan-Burne

"I don’t know if you saw the news last week, but Ethan became World Champion with the GB team at the UCI Track World Championships in the Netherlands. We just wanted to thank you for looking after him – those tiny pins in his little finger and the pinned and plated collar bone were obviously very expertly done. All being well he’s going to be taking part in the track cycling for England at Commonwealth Games in Brisbane 5-8 April, watch out for him!"

Patient treated by Mr Ramon Tahmessebi

"I had a bunion surgery with Mr Amit Amin last June and I am very happy with the result! Mr Amin approach is very professional and reassuring. I used to have a lot of pain in my left foot because of this bunion and now it’s gone! For the first time in years, I am able to wear Tropezienne sandals without my foot being compressed or too wide to fit! That’s fantastic! If you need a bunionectomy surgery, you found the best surgeon in Dr Amin."

Patient treated by Mr Amit Amin

"As it will be one year in February 2018 since my left knee replacement and my right knee being replaced three months earlier, I cannot thank you enough. After struggling with painful knees for a number of years due to arthritis, I can honestly say I am now pain free and am able to resume normal mobility.

I found you so reassuring and kind during my two knee replacements, and with your skills, aftercare and results. You have truly exceeded my expectations."

Patient treated by Mr Jonathon Lavelle

"I was treated by Mr Corbett in 2016, after going to him for a second opinion on my frozen shoulder - I was referred to him via a friend. It's hard to image receiving a better level of care. Mr Corbett is clearly an expert in his field but he also has a great manner and humility in the way he relates to you. His approach/principle was to treat surgery as a last resort which is reassuring and shows he has the patients best interests as his first priority.

One year on, following a capsular release surgery (and significant physio and reconditioning it must be said), I have very close to 100% movement back, no pain and frequently forget it was even an issue - which is incredible given how painful and restrictive it was last year as a 35 year old active guy last year. My physio, has said it is the best outcome from frozen shoulder surgery he has seen in his career.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Corbett and am very fortunate to have asked him for the second opinion."

Simon, Management Consultant
Treated by Mr Steven Corbett

"I had calcium deposits and a frayed suprasprinatus tendon and I can't thank Ms Alexander Consultant Shoulder Surgeon and the surgical team enough for a job well done. 6 days post op and the pain is gone and the recovery is racing along. I couldn't feel any better"

Treated by Ms Susan Alexander

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the rest of the team at the Fortius Surgical centre for making me feel so at ease yesterday. As far as surgery and ops go, it was a relatively stress free process and dare I say it, somewhat enjoyable. Everyone was on hand and very willing to help. The clinic itself was a lovely clean environment, with plenty of smiley faces, so thank you again."

Treated by Mr Simon Ball

"I would like to say a huge thank you for the incredible job you did on my left ankle. One year since my surgery, I completed today's Taunton Marathon in just under 4 hours. I am really grateful for what you did… it has changed my sporting life! Thank you so much."

Treated by Mr James Calder

"I am writing to thank you for carrying out the very successful operation to replace my right knee two weeks ago. As you know from my follow up visit twelve days after the operation, I am already moving around with only a walking stick for support and not even that for short trips around the house and garden. Given all the problems I have had with the knee over the last year or so, I regard this as little short of a miracle.

As you know, I went into the Cromwell on Wednesday 15th March and was home again on the afternoon of Friday 17th March, walking on my new knee. The speed and success of this is, I am sure, due to the work you and your team, and the excellent support staff at the Cromwell, have put into delivering a process which puts the patient first at every stage and minimises the time spent in hospital. Since the operation I have been largely pain free, except for the odd occasion when pushing the post operation exercises a little too hard, and I am expecting to go from strength to strength and give up the walking stick completely in the very near future."

Treated by Mr Houlihan-Burne

"Thank you for the reconstructive MPFL surgery that you performed on Matthew last year. He was back to full contact rugby at the beginning of September … selected for the National Squad, and asked if he would consider captaining this national side for the season, which he was of course honoured to accept. Thank you for your surgical skills to help him get on this path - and for the experiences he will have playing in the England side and Touring Canada in a few weeks."

Treated by Mr Houlihan-Burne

"I had to write immediately having had my first ski of the season. I must tell you that I skied with no problem at all; more than that, I cannot remember when I was as comfortable or able or more free of pain. This is entirely due to the excellent surgery and prostheses that you provided. Ever since April I have made determined progress through physio therapy and gym work to strengthen my legs. Today all that paid enormous dividends. Thank you again, I would be more than happy to recommend the procedure to anyone else."

Treated by Mr Jonathon Lavelle

"Twelve months ago today David Houlihan-Burne replaced my right knee joint. I'd like to say how successful this has proved to be. The knee has good flexibility, approaching that of the original left knee. I have no pain from the knee. In September my wife and I had a week in the Lake District where we undertook half-day walks each day, mainly on the lower fells, which the knee coped with well. And I have no compensating complaints from other joints, thank you."

Treated by Mr David Houlihan-Burne

"I would like to express my enormous thanks to James Calder for getting me back on my feet. Following an ankle injury last year, I was left unable to run. James carried out a left ankle arthroscopy with excision of anterior osteophytes and lateral ligament reconstruction. James, with the help of his fantastic network of colleagues, has helped me get back to running which has meant that I have won both a 5k and a 10k race this week and I am currently in training for the London Marathon, Three Peaks Yacht Race and Marathon des Sables. I am eternally grateful. Thank you."

Timothy Philip Wood
Treated by Mr James Calder

"I really can't say enough good things about Dr Wallace. Not only the quality of surgery, but his advise and the way he's treated me as a patient has been phenomenal. The scar from the incision looks like a plastic surgeon did it - so tiny! I am very very impressed by Dr Wallace, plus all the supporting staff he works with."

Christina Milovancev
Treated by Mr Andrew Wallace

"Just a very quick email to let you know that I made a full return to IronMan Triathlons this weekend in Venice and recorded a personal best on the swim slashing 8 minutes off my previous personal best. So it would seem the shoulder operation was a success. I wanted to let you know as this was a plan when we met in November before the operation and through the Isokinetic unit the recovery went fine. The results speak for volumes for the great work.

So thank you very much."

Treated by Mr Andrew Wallace

"Can not thank the Fortius Clinic and The Cromwell Hospital enough for their care, understanding, knowledge and professionalism with regard to getting my 17 year old son, who suffered a horrible rugby injury, treated quickly and efficiently! He had ACL PCL and LCL reconstruction.....the works!!! Mr Andy Williams and his team are just all angels in disguise and the man is simply just a genius!!

My son now is well on the road to recovery because of the care and surgery he has received and his future looks positive.THANK YOU can not recommend them enough just First Class."

Treated by Mr Andy Williams


"Dear Mr Rosenfeld I just wanted to drop you note to say thank you for the two successful operations you performed. Removing the accessory navicular's has stopped all pain and inflammation in both ankles. I completed the Royal Parks half marathon last month and had no discomfort from either ankle during or post exercise.

I can’t explain to you how much you have improved my day to day life. Since my ski season in 2004, I have been unable to take regular exercise and the injections only worked for a couple of months at a time. I have gone from limping to the tube in the morning to cycling in and playing team sports again.

I am shifting the natural insulation I gained during the periods of inactivity but most of all I’m just a lot happier with no ankle problems."

Treated by Mr Peter Rosenfeld


"I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you, Mr Calder. I know that this was simply another day in the office for you and that the procedure you performed on my foot was not a pioneering one but it has made an absolute world of difference to me. 6 months of crutches and the prospect of never being the same again have made me appreciate my mobility no end.

Both yourself and Anne Marie were consummate professionals throughout and made me feel both positive and well informed every step of the way (if you pardon the pun)."

Treated by Mr James Calder


"Having broken my ankle in February this year I was referred to Ioan Tudur Jones at the Clinic for Foot & Ankle Surgery. From the beginning he was open and clear about the process I would undergo, giving me the step by step process to recovery and advising me how best to help the ankle mend. When it came to having the surgery to realign my ankle and put the metal plates in place I had utter confidence in Ioan's ability. He was calm and reassuring and always ready to answer my many and frequent questions. Nine months on and the metal plates have been removed from my ankle, I'm back in high heels and back on the ski slopes. The recovery has been much faster then I anticipated given the severity of the break and I owe that to Ioan for his skill and support."

Treated by Mr Ioan Tudur Jones


"I had the right distal biceps tendon torn (while abroad)and did my homework properly and chose Andrew Richards. It is hard to imagine a more exceptional surgeon, at the same time affable, caring, compassionate and capable to inspire confidence and reassurance without leaving aside an honest conversation regarding the procedure, the risks and the recovery steps. The operation was carried out impeccably with no follow-up pains or issues. Mr Richards is a genuine godsend."

Paul Constantine
Treated by Mr Andrew Richards


"I rarely provide reviews for people, however I have been extremely pleased with the treatment I received and the expertise from Andrew in treating my Shoulder injury which had deteriorated after a motorcycle accident 5 years earlier. At all times Andrew was clear and concise and took time to explain his prognosis, treatments and likely outcomes. The ACJ surgery went extremely smoothly as a day patient and follow up and physiotherapy has resulted in a working, pain free shoulder joint, which has really improved my lifestyle. I recommend Andrew highly, he is not only good at what he does, but he is genuinely passionate about getting the very best outcome for his patients."


David Walker
Treated by Mr Andrew Richards


"I attended The Fortius Clinic for assessment of a 14 year old foot injury. The diagnosis had been initially missed via NHS care and problems continued. As I love to dance and live a very active life, I wanted the opinion of a foot and ankle surgeon with a sports medicine approach. Myself and other health practitioners involved with my care were extremely impressed by the clinical assessment and letter from Ioan Tudur Jones. It was through and well written and has helped me to make sense of my diagnosis and the impact this has had over the years on my foot, ankle and leg function. I consequently felt that the surgery treatment option suggested made sense to me and I could see a way forward to help resolve current problems. I have no hesitation in recommending The Fortius Clinic to others."

Jo (Artist, Dancer and Photographer, Nottingham)
Treated by Ioan Tudur Jones


"Please thank Andrew, I am really happy with the results of my surgery. I am indebted to him."

Chris Mulkerrins
Treated by Mr Andrew Richards


"I found the Fortius Clinic the best experience I have ever had in private practice. I was comprehensively handled right through a consultation, MRI Scan, and second consultation plus an Ultrasound Scan with injection/medication. All done whilst I was there. Wonderful work. Thank you Mr Wallace and one and all."

Quentin Williams
Treated by Mr Andrew Wallace


"Many thanks to Peter for all of his help in ensuring that I was able to referee at Wembley on Sunday 22nd March. Without his help I really feel that this would not have possible."

Michael Russell
Treated by Mr Peter Rosenfeld


"I had experienced about 8/9 months of groin pain, which no doctors could seem to fully diagnose. It was consistently diagnosed as a groin issue and I even ended up having a hernia operation, which was completely useless. For months I rehabbed different injuries depending on whatever new diagnosis I had been given, none of them working. I had been lucky enough to see a lot the top sports doctors and surgeons in Ireland and none could come up with an answer. Some even told me it was in my head! It was not only physical pain but by this stage it became a huge stress in my life and I was feeling under a lot of pressure to recover quickly or else I was at the point where I was potentially going to lose my contract.

Thankfully one of the physios found Dr. Schilders and I was fitted in for an appointment and from then on until this day there hasn't been a single issue. The operation went exactly as he said it would, and the rehab again was exactly as he said it would be. Since my recovery I have now been playing professionally for 2 and a half years without a single issue and I’m hugely grateful to Dr. Schilders for the work he did for me."

Eoin O'Malley, 23, professional rugby player, Leinster Rugby Club,Ireland.
Treated by Professor Ernest Schilders


"I injured my groin in June 2013 in qualification for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, initially I was certain it was something I could rehabilitate but after 6 months and no success I sought out the best for a consultation. Prof. Schilders instantly knew what was wrong and was very reassuring, mentioning how many time he had seen a similar injury and successfully repaired the damage allowing the athlete to return to full competition.

The experience of going under the knife isn't the most pleasant one, however I was looked after amazingly well and was paid a visit by Prof, Schilders very soon after the surgery. The rehabilitation protocols were laid out in a logical and progression way and I knew at which stage I could move on to higher level conditioning etc. I had the surgery in September and was back on the mat within 8 weeks doing light work and back competing by January and went on not only to qualify for the Commonwealth Games but to win a Bronze medal for my country.

I couldn't recommend Prof. Schilders any more highly, if you are struggling with any kind of groin injury and rehab doesn't seem to be working then my advice is to seek out the best in they field and you need to look no further than here. Thank you so much, 18 months down the line and my groin is better than ever."

Andrew Burns, 28, Bronze Medallist Judo, Common Wealth Games 2014.
Treated by Professor Ernest Schilders


“I wanted to get in touch to thank you for all you had done in getting the operation done asap and providing the advice on which route to take and obviously for performing the surgery so well.

“Working closely with my physio and coach I am not sure the rehab could have gone any better... with a lot of work and determination I did finally manage to compete at the ITF Taekwondo World Cup in August this year (Just over a year from the date of my surgery). Not only was I able to take part but I managed to win the bronze medal... once again, thank you so much for putting me back together!”

Ashleigh Hawkins, Bronze medalist at the International Taekwondo Federation World Cup
Treated by Andrew Davies


"Just to say thank you very much for the shock wave treatment on my left foot to treat planter fasciitis. About a week after the third session I had no pain or aches in my foot and was able to resume playing tennis normally. Have tried running and ached a little after, but ok. Am highly recommending shock wave treatment to anyone with same problem if they can access the treatment!"

Karen Cooper
Treated by James Calder


“I found out that I had not been fully extending my left knee and had lost stability and endurance as a result. I visited Sam Church at the Fortius Clinic and a month after my first visit I was back playing golf again, and hitting the ball better as a result. Just eight days after the surgery I was back on my bicycle, and immediately noticed a huge improvement in the knee.

My experience of the service? Well, it was fast, efficient and the knee feels so much better and stronger.”

Konrad Bartelski, former Olympic skier
Treated by Sam Church


"Since a modified Brostrom repair: I have been training hard and a few weeks ago I was in Mallorca with my triathlon club on a training camp and am now feeling fitter than I ever have before. I recently did my first race in nearly a year and won by over 2 minutes…a fantastic comeback!

I just wanted to thank you for your skill and expertise and tell you that it really feels like you have given me my life back!! Thanks for helping me get back to what im passionate about!"

Parys Edwards
Treated by Peter Rosenfeld


“I thought you would be interested to see how the knees were going three years after surgery and my shoulder after two.  Just finished 1000kms ride in six days through Morocco and Western Sahara last week...AMAZING!!! My knees were fantastic and my shoulder has never been better! (And this was my second big bike ride this year following John O'Groats to Lands’ End.)

Thanks again for a wonderful job!”

Simon Halden
Treated by Andy Williams and Andrew Wallace


After a mosaicplasty in the ankle: "Since the operation I have got my life back on track. I am walking without pain and take full advantage of this wherever I can. I am back playing sports every week, I regularly go to the gym as well as attending boxing training once a week, I also completed a sponsored 50km cycle around the Sussex countryside for the NSPCC and raised nearly £500 for children, only possible thanks to the operation.

None of this would be possible without you and your team and it was your confidence and attitude that inspired me to be positive and believe that I would get better. The inspiration is just as important as the actual operation itself, so thank you."

Antony Angeli
Treated by Peter Rosenfeld


“I ruptured my ACL in 2010 and searched for a while before selecting a surgeon and until we came across the Fortius Clinic and Jonathan Webb. I can honestly say that that was one of the best decisions my team and I have ever made for my career. I was only 17 and had never had an injury before so I was unsure whether I would be returning to skiing at a competitive level, or indeed at all.

I put my trust in Jonathan Webb and his team and I wasn’t let down. The care I received in the consulting room and the hospital was great, you couldn’t have asked for better. Jonathan Webb signed me off five and a half months after my operation and my knee feels stronger than it was before. Most people said it was all down to how hard I worked on my physiotherapy, but I believe it was because of the surgeon I had and the care I received.”

Natalia Harte, British skier
Treated by Jonathan Webb


"I just wanted to thank you for the two successful operations you performed. I completed the Royal Parks half marathon last month and had no discomfort from either ankle during or post exercise. I can’t explain to you how much you have improved my day to day life… I have gone from limping to the tube in the mornings to cycling in and playing team sports again."

Marc Davies
Treated by Peter Rosenfeld


"A year after an ankle replacement operation: I am writing to tell you that I am delighted and thrilled with the result. I can walk normally, with no pain whatsoever, and, if the need arises I can run as well. To say I am grateful to you is an understatement. Thank you so much."

Alan Bonner
Treated by Ioan Tudor Jones


“I ruptured my ACL in 2012. I selected the Fortius Clinic and Jonathan Webb because of my sister’s experience (see above). I was only 16, but I had every faith in Jonathan Webb and his team even before my first appointment. He explained every minor detail about my injury to me and made sure I understood, and that I felt comfortable about the operation. If I had any worries during my rehabilitation, he was always on the other end of the phone or via email to answer my questions.

I was right to have put my faith in him and his team as my knee is stronger than it ever was and I was signed off five months post operation. I know I recovered so quickly because of the quality of my surgeon Jonathan Webb and his team. The care and attention I received throughout the whole process was outstanding and you could not have asked for better.”

Giulia Harte, British skier
Treated by Jonathan Webb


"I cannot thank you enough for the transformation that your amazing skill has brought to my feet, with such great kindness and infectious enthusiasm for your work. I so vividly recall your cheery wave from the theatre before the operation.

It has been quite an adventure and little did I think just 12 weeks later I would be completing a 6.5 mile walk in glorious sunshine…you have given me a future for beloved hill walking and running – and just two years on I have completed a 10km run and am in training for that half marathon to mark my mid-fifties.

I cannot thank you enough for your incredible skill and your unerring positive approach – and patience!

I have been so lucky to have your guidance and insight throughout – just looking at the x-rays shows what an amazing talent you have.

Most of all thank you for

  • Your world class skill and insight
  • Giving one woman a “new” set of feet
  • Doing both with such grace, patience and modesty"

Grace Kempster OBE
Treated by Peter Rosenfeld