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  • Stoic over 50s delay seeking treatment for an average
  • But two thirds of pain sufferers are prevented from living lives to the full
  • One in 10 reveal pain has affected their mental health

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea started this month, an exciting line-up of events to keep us all gripped and eager to hit the slopes this winter. From cross country skiing to ski jumping, these professionals need to be in peak condition to face the world’s best athletes and achieve superior performances. Fortunately for all skiing enthusiasts, many gym machines and exercises have been lifted from skiing techniques – helping you prepare your body for the intensities of the slopes and reduce the chance of injury.

-New West London Joint Replacement Centre launches this week

-First-of-its-kind partnership between healthcare leaders Fortius Clinic and Bupa

-Facilities set a new standard in hip and knee replacement treatment with latest robotic technology

Fortius Clinic will be attending the Arab Health convention this January, coinciding with the official launch of a dedicated joint replacement centre in West London.

For over 100 years, surgeons have been trying to solve the problem of hip and knee arthritis. This gathered pace in the 1960s, when materials such as steel and ivory were used to replace worn out joints, and there are now over 160,000 hip and knee replacements performed in the UK each year. The numbers continue to rise each year, and it is thought that 20% of all GP consultations are now for musculoskeletal problems. Mr David Houlihan-Burne talks us through the latest treatment options.