Optimum care for players

Fortius Clinic is the UK’s single largest orthopaedic group with an international reputation in sports injury treatment. In 2012 Fortius was recognised by FIFA as a provider of world-class orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care and was accredited as a centre of excellence.

As part of the accreditation process, all centres have to undergo a strict selection process, and certification is granted for a period of five years, during which all centres are required to report annually on their activity. FIFA looks for experience, state of the art diagnosis and treatment, and aftercare, awarding established centres that have demonstrated their leadership in football medicine. 

Fortius and football

Many of Fortius consultants are identified as world leaders in football medicine and injury treatment, and hold significant positions for many premier league football and rugby clubs. This includes the Chief Medical Officer for the Wales Football Team, England Men's and Women’s Lead Performance Doctors, National Lead Doctor for Disability football, Club Doctor for West Ham United FC and positions with Norwich City FC, Chelsea FC along with many more.

Our clinicians regularly carry out research projects and collaborate with national and international colleagues. In addition to this, Fortius specialists frequently feature as key speakers at international conferences including the Isokinetic Football Medicine Conference, as well as the biennial Fortius International Sports Injury Conference

Our football expertise

Fortius clinic is the preferred clinic of choice for many premier league football and rugby clubs, we have a number of leading surgeons, physicians and medical professionals who specialise in treating football injuries.

With over 14 Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants and Rheumatologists, in particular Dr Jon Houghton who treats over 150 footballers every year, a significant number are professional. He is also CMO for Football Association of Wales and the Club Team Doctor.

Dr Adam Mitchell is a Consultant Radiologist who provides imaging reporting service for all England Men’s and Women’s football teams and 27 football teams in the English League.

We have 54 orthopaedic surgeons with expertise in sports injuries, notably Mr Andy Williams, Mr Andrew Wallace, Mr Damian Fahy, Professor Ernest Schilders and Mr James Calder, all of whom predominantly specialise in treating elite sports professionals and footballers from UK and International teams in particular. They are supported by our podiatry and applied biomechanics team, and pain management. 

Mr Andy Williams - Consultant Knee Surgeon

Fortius Clinic is committed to continuing our contribution to football medicine, in research, in practice and in the education of other health professionals. It is important that knowledge and advances in football medicine are shared and practically implemented so that every player can benefit.

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