Anne-Marie O'Connor

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Anne-Marie O'Connor is one of the UK’s leading Musculoskeletal Podiatrists providing podiatric care and gait analysis to patients of all ages, from children with walking concerns, recreational and elite sports enthusiasts, pre/post-surgery pain and dysfunction during walking and sporting activities to older people with degenerative foot pain.

Ms O’Connor uses video technology to analyse movement patterns, along with running and walking assessments to fit the needs of the individual.

Using a 3D digital scanner, she can replicate the foot's profile to prescribe high quality custom orthotics, designed to fit into appropriate footwear, alleviate symptoms and help to restore a more efficient movement pattern.

Special interests

  • Biomechanial assesments 
  • Diagnosis of foot and ankle injuries
  • Rehabilitation exercise programmes
  • Walking and posture examinations and re-education
  • Pre and post-surgery walking or running analysis
  • Running style performance assessment 
  • High quality bespoke and premade orthotics
  • Daily and athletic footwear advice
  • Education workshop to groups and individuals 

Recent and current appointments

  • Podiatric consultant to Chelsea Football club since 2007
  • Working with elite athletes in all sports
  • Wimbledon Tennis Championship since 2012
  • NBA Basketball teams in USA which she visits regularly
  • Podiatrist for London Olympics 2012

Publications, lectures and teaching

Ms O'Connor currently lectures on lower limb biomechanics and gait analysis on the Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine MSc course at the Royal London Hospital and is regularly invited to speak at European conferences.

Contact details

To find out more, or to arrange an appointment please call 0203 195 2442.

Secretary details:

Talitha Selwyn
DDI: +44 (0) 203 195 2436
Fax: +44 (0) 203 070 0106

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Date of Birth

At Fortius we have expert consultants in sports and exercise medicine who are at the forefront of their fields in providing expert care for athletes.
Cavus foot and shin splints are two very painful yet common conditions that a podiatry consultation can help diagnose and treat.
Anne-Marie was engaged, interested, professional, patient, and gave a great explanation of the problems and solutions.
Ms O'Connor is a true professional and expert in her field. I wish I had seen her before having treatment with an orthopaedic surgeon. Less invasive and much better results.
I wish I had seen Anne-Marie earlier in the journey! Orthotics already helping on road to recovery after 8 months of not making progress.


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