Ernest Schilders

Consultant Orthopaedic Hip and Groin Surgeon


Professor Ernest Schilders is a specialist in minimally-invasive hip surgery and has a unique professional portfolio combining expertise in hamstring problems, complex groin pain and hip arthroscopy. Professor Schilders has treated footballers from all the Premier League and Championship clubs, and clubs from all the other major European Leagues. He treats professional sports players across multiple other disciplines including cricket, tennis and rugby, and is a founding member of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine.


Professor Schilders is a world leading expert in adductor and groin problems in athletes. Furthermore, he has particular expertise in the treatment of femoro-acetabular impingement and was the first UK-based author to publish a large study in this field that has enhanced the knowledge of this condition. He has unparalleled experience in arthroscopic labral repairs and labral grafting of the hip, having performed in excess of 4,000 procedures.


Since 2015 he has held the post of Professor in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University. He is an expert in anatomy of the groin, and one of his key discoveries was the existence of the pyramidalis-anterior pubic ligament-adductor longus complex (PLAC), a concept which has revolutionised the understanding of groin pain in athletes.


Professor Schilders has undertaken numerous studies on adductor problems in athletes, researching and designing the state of the art MRI protocol for adductor injuries, conservative management and minimally-invasive surgical treatment. He has pioneered surgical techniques for adductor and hamstring tears, PLAC injuries and sports hernias to allow a faster return to play, and protect from recurrent injuries.


Professor Schilders is an internationally recognised expert who treats patients from all over the world, and is sought after as an opinion for complex groin problems, hamstring injuries as well as hip preservation.

He has a passion for symptom analysis and innovation.


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To find out more, or to arrange an appointment please call 0203 195 2442.

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Edward Stephen 
DDI: +44 (0) 203 195 2442
Fax: +44 (0) 203 070 0106

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I couldn't recommend Prof. Schilders any more highly, if you are struggling with any kind of groin injury and rehab doesn't seem to be working then my advice is to seek out the best in they field and you need to look no further than here. Thank you so much, 18 months down the line and my groin is better than ever.

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