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Treatment for Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendon pain (commonly diagnosed as Achilles tendinopathy) is a common injury, often seen seen in runners, although this can occur for anyone at any time. This can be due to a number of different reasons, such as an increase in training, the wrong footwear, different foot shapes or training errors.  

It also occurs in more sedentary people and can particularly affect those going through the menopause, people who have high cholesterol or those who are overweight.  Different people need different solutions that match the reasons why they have developed pain and what they want to achieve.  

A one-stop service 

At our dedicated one-stop clinic you will have consultation, investigations and a diagnosis on the same day. Before you leave you will be given a thorough treatment plan that is tailored to you. 
Appointments take place on a Friday at our clinic in the city. Conveniently located near to Bank underground station, Cannon Street and London Bridge overland stations, the clinic is spacious, discreet and comfortable. 

A one stop service for treating Achilles Tendinopathy

What happens at my appointment? 

On the day you will have a joint consultation with a sports medicine consultant and a highly qualified physiotherapist. Both consultant and physiotherapist specialist in tendon problems and rehabilitation.  During your examination you will be asked specific questions to help determine the likely cause of your pain.

You will then have a quick and painless ultrasound scan, followed by a specialised tendon scan called a UTC (Ultrasound tissue characterisation) scan, utilising the latest in tendon imaging technology.  

Following the scan, your consultant and physiotherapist will be able to make a diagnosis, explaining the cause of your pain and outlining a full treatment plan that is individual to you.  This includes specific exercise plans, and if you are already seeing a physiotherapist they will liaise with them to get the best treatment results.  

All of this takes just 45 minutes.  Depending on your diagnosis, you may be offered further specialist interventions such as shock wave therapy (ESWT) or specialist injections that can all be conveniently undertaken at the same clinic.

UTC stands for Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation and has been proven to help accurately diagnose and treat Achilles Tendinopathy

About the UTC 

We are one of the few clinics in the country to use UTC scanning for tendon treatment. Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation helps diagnose pathologies accurately and detects early signs of degeneration in the Achilles tendon. It can provide reproducible comparative graphs, giving far greater diagnostic capabilities than regular Ultrasound imaging. This scan enables targeted treatment such as load management, guided injections or in the few severe cases a minimally invasive procedure. The effects can also be evaluated and monitored over time, and UTC imaging can also be used for the detection of exercise effects and early changes within the tendon matrix for injury prevention. 

Who is treating me? 

Dr Jon Houghton is a consultant in Sports Medicine and Rheumatology, with vast experience of treating tendon problems.  He is the Chief Medical Officer for the Wales Football Team and Surrey County Cricket Club, recently Jon was one of the biggest contributors to the recently finished national tendon research study called ASSERT2.

Jarrod Antflick is a consultant physiotherapist specialising in tendon pain and elite performance.  He has worked extensively within UK athletics, premiership football and rugby, and currently working with the NBA in the United States.


Jon and Jarrod regularly treat elite athletes, you will receive this same service regardless of your age or athletic ability.

How to find us

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