Jarrod Antflick

Consultant Sports Physiotherapist

MSc Sports Physio, BApp Sc Physiotherapy

Jarrod is the founder of Total Performance and has been working in elite sport for over 15 years as a Consultant Sports Physiotherapist.

Jarrod consults to teams in the UK’s English Premier League, Premiership Rugby, tennis, track and field, as well as the NBA and NFL teams in the USA. He has a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia as well as a BAppSc in Physiotherapy from University of Sydney and a BHSc from the University of Technology, Sydney and is currently a PhD candidate at Imperial College, London. He specialises in tendinopathy, undertaking research in the management and diagnosis of tendinopathy.


Jarrod has presented at numerous international Sports Medicine and Science conferences including Sports Kongress (Denmark), FISIC (London) and Isokinetics (Barcelona & London) on the diagnosis and management of tendinopathy in sport. Jarrod specialises in performance profiling and motion analysis through biomechanical screening utilising IMU data and triaxial force platforms to provides context into how human force is expressed. The resulting asymmetry associated with jumping, cutting and landing movement patterns are assessed for coaching input to improve performance and minimise risk of injury.

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