Dr Richard Weiler's research published in British Journal of Sports Medicine

Fortius Consultant Physician in Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine Dr Richard Weiler's new research paper, Concussion in Para Sport: The First Position Statement of the Concussion in Para Sport (CIPS) Group was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) this week. The paper comes after many years of research from Dr Weiler and is the first of its kind in providing guidelines for managing concussions in Para athletes. 

Dr Weiler explained why he wanted to create these guidelines. "Nine years ago I struggled to assess and manage a Para concussion (I have always found it challenging) and I felt that situation just wasn’t good enough as there was no guidance. I didn’t want others to struggle as well and some small pieces of research done over the years seemed to confirm I was not alone. It has been some journey to produce these guidelines for managing Para concussion and the team of experts who helped make this come about have been terrific."

Dr Richard Weiler has extensive experience in treating sports injuries and rehabilitating athletes of all abilities. He is the Club Doctor at West Ham United Football Club and works with British Athletics, treating Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the summer and winter events. 

Click here to read Dr Weiler's guidelines on managing concussions in Para athletes.