An ultrasound guided injection is an injection performed under the guidance of an ultrasound scanner. This allows for a diagnostic examination to be performed prior to injection where necessary and also allows for exact points of inflammation to be targeted. This treatment is used to relieve acute (sudden) or chronic (ongoing) pain and treat swelling. They can also be used as a diagnostic plan to pinpoint areas of discomfort. This is a very quick and painless procedure, injections take place at one of our outpatient clinics.


Before your injection

You will receive an email about our Study of Clinical Outcomes - Recording and Evaluation System (SCORES) asking you to complete an on-line questionnaire before your appointment. The questionnaires are important as they enable us to audit and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment we provide. You do not need to do anything differently before your appointment and you can eat and drink as normal. When you arrive at the clinic one of the nursing team will escort you into the room to prepare you for your injection. It is important that you make your radiologist aware if you are currently taking blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and warfarin.

During your injection

Your ultrasound guided injection will be performed by one of our expert Consultant Radiologists. The site for injection will first be examined with the ultrasound machine. The skin will then be cleaned with a cold cleaning solution and local anaesthesia may be injected to numb the area prior to the ultrasound guided injection. When your treatment has finished and the needle is removed, a small plaster is applied to the site. 

After your injection

Your injection will take around 15 minutes and you will be able to leave straight away. Having had local anaesthetic administered to the injection area, most patients feel instantly better. This may last up to six hours. You may be asked to fill out a pain diary following your injection. Although rare, there may be some side effects such as swelling, bleeding or skin changes. Our friendly staff will be on hand to explain these to you or alternatively get in touch about post injection advice on +44(0) 203 195 2442. However, if you require medical attention out of clinic hours please go directly to your A&E.

“A big thank you for the treatment of injections which has helped me so much! I was pain free and active during my holiday with the grandchildren and I am truly grateful.”

Fortius offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging including MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Interventional radiology treatments include injections, arthrograms and hydrodilatations.
At Fortius we have a team of expert Rheumatologists who diagnose and treat patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.
Our Nursing team at Fortius are highly experienced in treating orthopaedic conditions and support our consultants caring for our patients. When you visit the outpatient clinics for follow up care after a procedure or treatment with a Consultant, your nurse will be on hand to help you understand your treatment, explaining your injury, procedure and what to expect.