Wound Care

With considerable experience in treating an array of orthopaedic wounds, from trauma to post-operative, our nurses will explain what to expect during recovery, show you how to care for your wound, apply vacuum pump dressings, remove stitches, staples and steri-strips and change bandages.

The nursing team will see you two weeks after surgery, but they can be contacted directly on 0845 853 1000 beforehand if you have any concerns. You may be asked to send a photo of your wound to help determine the best course of action. If your query is urgent and the nursing department is closed, please contact the hospital from which you were discharged, or visit your local A&E.

Fittings and applications

The Fortius nursing team assist with fitting supports, braces and crutches and a wide selection of shoulder slings, immobilisation boots, knee and wrist braces. 

Fortius nurses also work with the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System. This is a fracture healing treatment that uses low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) technology. 

MRSA Swabs and Phlebotomy

An MRSA swab test is taken before any operation. The nurse uses a cotton bud to take a sample of bacteria from the inside of your nose for laboratory testing. 

When other blood samples are required, the nursing team will take these from patients and send them off for analysis and testing. 

Tests and treatments


A pre-operative ECG may be recommended to record the activity of your heart. Metal electrodes are attached to your skin and connected to the ECG machine for this non invasive test. 

Joint Injections

Injection techniques are helpful for diagnosis and therapy in a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Fortius nurses perform a range of diagnostic injections and local anaesthetics for pain relief and assist the radiology consultants with the delivery of ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections.