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Medical Consulting & Diagnostics, Fortius Clinic, London


The Fortius clinic specialises in the provision of expert care in musculoskeletal health, with an integrated approach involving experts across the surgical and non- surgical specialties. They work together to ensure all patients receive customised treatment, tailored to their specific needs.

If your GP has not already referred you to a named specialist, please tell us if there is a particular consultant you would like to see; otherwise our appointments team will discuss your requirements and assist in selecting the most suitable consultant.

The initial appointment with your private consultant will last about half an hour. If your specialist suggests further investigations such as blood tests or imaging, these will be carried out on site at Fortius. If you need to have treatment, this may be offered at Fortius or at one of our partner hospital sites.

Your specialist may refer you to a colleague - a physiotherapist or a physician for example - for further treatment. You may still have a follow-up appointment with your specialist to discuss your progress.

If surgery is advised, your specialist’s secretarial team will make sure you have all the information you need before your operation.

If you are planning to claim the cost of treatment on your health insurance policy, you will need to contact your insurer before your operation to ask for a ‘procedure code'. If you are funding your own treatment we will let you know about charges for the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital before the procedure is carried out. This will be confirmed via email or letter.