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Orthopedic Services and Treatment at Fortius Clinic

The Fortius Clinic Musculoskeletal service extends across the patient pathway from referral, patient presentation, assessment and diagnostics, to treatment, rehab and recovery.

Specialist teams work together with other professionals to deliver an integrated model of patient care, ensuring that each patient receives a customised approach, tailored to their needs.

Our aim is always to deliver excellence, so we collect and monitor the outcome of treatments through a system known as SCORES, which is used to guide and help improve our clinical work.

Specific services covered:

Consulting: in Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Sports and Exercise medicine, Radiology and Pain Management

Imaging: for Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI scanners and Interventional Radiology facilities and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Surgery: divided into sub specialty teams for Knee, Foot & Ankle, Shoulder, Elbow, Spine, Hip & Groin

Nursing: for a wide range of treatments associated with musculoskeletal conditions

Biomechanics: a specialist biomechanics and gait analysis service