Patient Outcomes

When you book your first appointment at Fortius Clinic or with a Fortius Consultant at another site, you will receive an email about our SCORES system. SCORES stands for Study of Clinical Outcomes Recording and Evaluation. This is a clinical outcomes measurement tool that evaluates every patient's treatment, allowing us to monitor and measure the treatments our doctors provide. 

For it to be truly beneficial for future patients, the involvement and cooperation of our existing patients is crucial to help us collect, record, and analyse the clinical outcomes (results) of our work, and to measure the quality of the service we offer.

Why do we need to collect this?


To gather information for SCORES, we ask each patient to answer some short questionnaires about their condition and general health, both now and how it changes over time. There is no obligation to take part in these questionnaires, however we encourage all our patients to partake so that we can review our clinical work and treatment guidelines, helping us improve the quality of care we provide in the future.
Although we may publish our results or share information with our health partners, this involves only aggregated, anonymous data and it is not personally identifiable. 

If you have any questions or comments about our SCORES programme, you can contact our Outcomes Team at