Our Partners and Referrers

We are proud to work alongside London’s best physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists. Our consultants meet regularly with other health professionals to discuss patient cases and the latest thinking. 

“As a physio that specialises in ski injuries this event perfectly targeted the education physiotherapists appreciate from a consultants view. The case studies were engaging and highlighted clear clinical reasoning for when a physiotherapist should consider onward referral. Really enjoyed the event, thank you so much for your time!”

Juliet Slade - Slade Physio

Shefali Desai, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Chancery Lane

I have been working with The Fortius Clinic for over three years now. Their consultants are brilliant and I trust that my patients are in safe hands when I refer there. They offer quality treatment options with the patient at the heart of decision making. What's more, the consultants are always quick to respond to emails, happy to chat on the phone, and clinic correspondence is shared in a timely manner. This is teamwork at its best and patients get brilliant outcomes as a result.

Hannah Allworth, Clinic Director Six Physio Moorgate

Referring into Fortius is always fast and efficient. The consultants are easy to get in contact with and provide an excellent quality of care. As a clinic we value our relationship with the Fortius clinics.

Lucy Nifontova, Director of Restore & Reform

We work very closely with Fortius consultants on a significant proportion of our patients. We refer to Fortius with confidence, knowing that our patients will receive the highest level of care guided by the expert physicians and surgeons. With onsite imaging, convenient locations and most importantly, open lines of communication between the doctors and the patient’s rehab team, the patient experience is exceptional. It is MDT at it’s best. 

Chris Pinches, BSc MCSP

“They are thorough whilst adopting a pragmatic and honest approach that puts patients first”

Sean Seymour Cole, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Platinum Medical Centre

Working with the Fortius Consultants and Sports Medicine Physicians based across London has provided a variety of opportunities for me to both develop my skills, improve my evidence-based knowledge and gain access to a broad spectrum of expert opinion.  My relationship with these consultants and physicians has facilitated participation in assessment and treatment discussions and case study presentation(s) by both physiotherapist and consultants/physicians at CPD evening courses/meetings.

Lucie Bond, Specialist MSK Physio, Central Health

My patients have always been very satisfied with the level of professionalism, expert opinion and specific management from the consultants at Fortius Clinic. I have an excellent working relationship with many of the team and I am always confident to refer to them.

Chris Jenkins, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Central Health

I have worked with a number of the Fortius Clinic’s Shoulder, Knee, and Foot and Ankle Surgeons since the clinic opened and during my time with London Welsh RFC 2008-2014 and the Newport Gwent Dragons between 2014-17. I found it really useful to bring all these specialists under one roof, as a team medical manager, often coordinating multiple players appointments into one location on a single afternoon at times! The service and experience are second to none! Really enjoy working with the Team here!

Carla Lodewijks, Clinic Director Six Physio Fitzrovia

Fortius is an excellent establishment with smooth referral pathways into a highly skilled and collaborative team of surgeons. Their website is easy to navigate, one is able to gain access to contact details for each specialist easily and response times from receptionists are almost immediate. Their management of referrals is thorough and informative making the process simple for both the referring clinician and the patient.

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