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Private Ultrasound Scans, Fortius Clinic, London


Ultrasound is a diagnostic medical imaging technique used to visualise muscles, tendons and joints with real time tomographic images, involving no ionising radiation. Images are created by sending a pulse of ultrasound, or sound waves, into tissue using an ultrasound transducer or probe. The sound reflects and echoes off parts of the tissue; this echo is recorded and displayed as an image to the operator. Consultant musculoskeletal radiologists perform all the ultrasound services at Fortius, whether diagnostic or interventional. Fortius radiologists implement a wide variety of musculoskeletal procedures, including ultrasound injections and a selection of drug therapies including hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, prolotherapy and PRGF.

To find out more about booking an ultrasound appointment, or referring a patient for an ultrasound scan call +44 (0) 203 195 2446 or email imaging@fortiusclinic.com.

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