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Specialist Biomechanics Services at Fortius Clinic

Biomechanics, Fortius Clinic, London


Fortius Clinic also offers a specialist biomechanics service, either separately or in conjunction with your consultation.

During a biomechanical assessment we examine the way your lower limbs function, checking for abnormalities and possible causes of pain in the foot, ankle, knee and back.

Very few people are completely symmetrical and this affects the way they stand and move. They may also have additional problems including particularly high or low arches in the feet, one leg longer than the other, or a sports injury. In some cases, people adapt to abnormalities without any problems; however, for other people they can cause pain as the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons are put under extra stress when they move.

Once we’ve identified the problems that are causing the pain, we can advise on orthotics if suitable for your condition, as well as footwear and exercises to improve strength and flexibility.

The examination usually takes around 10 minutes; you will need to wear shorts or loose sports clothing for ease of assessment.

The examination is divided into two sections:

  • A static assessment during which we will take various measurements while you are standing and lying down
  • A dynamic assessment during which we will video and analyse your gait (the way you move) as you walk and run using a treadmill

Our Podiatrist Anne-Marie O'Connor will perform your biomechanical assessment.

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