The injury

Julian leads a very active life and has competed in rugby from a young age, consequently he is no stranger to knee injuries. When he stopped playing rugby three years ago, long distance running became his new passion and has since completed several half marathons. Alongside running training, you will find him at the gym or on skiing holidays with his family. 

Unfortunately whilst in training for a half marathon, Julian developed a sharp pain in his knee, a pain that continued to prevent him from participating in the activities he loved. He tried to alter his training and avoid running altogether however the issue continued and he knew he must see a specialist to investigate the issue further. 

The diagnosis

In the upcoming weeks Julian was referred to Mr Martin Goddard, Fortius Knee Surgeon. An MRI scan showed a stable degenerate meniscal tear and Martin advised that the best treatment option in the first instance would be steroid injections. Julian had two follow-up appointments in the next two months for steroid injections however this treatment was only giving him short term relief, and he was concerned he would not be able to attend his family skiing holiday in February. As a keen skier, Martin understood what the ski trip meant to him, and recommended that he should have a knee arthroscopy which would involve a 6 week recovery programme and he would be able to ski in February. Julian was confident with this decision and booked in to have his operation in December.

The operation and recovery

The operation went well, using keyhole surgery Martin removed the damaged portion of the meniscus and he was positive that the recovery would be just as smooth. Julian was strict with his exercises, and his ultimate goal was to return to the slopes with confidence. We got in touch with him to find out how his trip went and how he has found his recovery. 

“Whilst on my ski holiday I took a tumble and I was immediately concerned that this would cause a world of problems, however I got straight back up and was pain free. I knew at this point my knee had fully recovered and I had little reason to worry going forward. I would recommend Martin Goddard to anyone, he was always in regular contact with me throughout my recovery and even sent me a message on my ski trip to check in on my progress. My advice to others in a similar position would be to trust the experts! Due to my previous injuries, my age and my lifestyle, I knew that this was the right decision for me.”

Since the operation, Julian avoids high impact sports and has explored new activities in order to remain active. He now participates in spin classes, outdoor cycling, rowing and looks forward to his next ski trip this winter. 

My advice to others in a similar position would be to trust the experts!