Fortius Clinic commits to supporting the NHS

Fortius Clinic has committed its facilities, expertise and resource to formally support the NHS during the fight against COVID-19, uniting with our other private sector colleagues in a coordinated response that is unprecedented in this country. We are very proud to be part of this collective effort and will bring to bear our reputation for outstanding service and safety.


Fortius will be providing an ambulatory orthopaedic service in both outpatient and surgical.  This will provide support by freeing up capacity for the NHS to focus on treating more critical patients and those with COVID-19.  We will be announcing further information on this service in the coming days.


Our priority will be helping our NHS colleagues but where we respond to the needs of private medical insurers for time critical conditions we will be funnelling any surpluses that arise to the offsetting of the costs being borne by the NHS.  All patients, whether NHS or private, will benefit from the collective expertise of Fortius surgeons and physicians, and the compassionate care of our clinical staff.


The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation means that we will respond to what is required of us by the NHS and our entire company, consultants and staff will do so with dedication and humility.