Interventional Radiology

Our purpose-built radiography suites are equipped with the latest diagnositic imaging technology, enabling us to investigate and identify bone and soft tissue injuries and then treat them effectively. 

Interventional Radiology uses image guidance to help Consultant Radiologists minimally invasively target therapies and treatments more effectively. Our team of Radiologists are experts in MSK reporting and sports injury interventional therapies including joint injections, arthrograms and hydrodilatations.

The Fortius radiology team supports many patients including professional athletes, working closely with sports clubs throughout the UK, to those with injuries or experiencing troublesome conditions.


Hydrodilatation is a simple procedure for treating shoulder conditions such as adhesive capsulitis, also known as ‘frozen shoulder.’

During a Hydrodilatation the joint is anaesthetised and stretched, to help improve mobility and decrease the pain in the joint.

It is performed using imaging guidance to make sure the injection goes into the right part of the joint. Your specialist will request either an X-ray or an ultrasound.

Read our patient leaflet on what to expect before, during and after your injection. 


An Arthrogram is a diagnostic test performed to visualise your joint, usually the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle.

A common reason for requiring an MR Arthrogram is helping to find any damage to cartilage, ligaments, labrum, or laxity/instability of the joint. It is more accurate than a standard MRI scan in assessing internal structures of your joint, and can help plan when surgery is required. 

Read our patient leaflet on what to expect before, during and after your injection. 

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