Interventional radiology

Interventional Radiology uses image guidance to help doctors minimally invasively target therapies and treatments more effectively. For example using x-ray images to inject a treatment at the precise spot for pain management..

Known as fluoroscopy, this allows the radiologist to obtain real-time moving images of the body's internal structures, showing them where to target the treatment. A fluoroscope consists of an X-ray source and fluorescent screen, which are placed on either side of the patient.

Our Interventional Radiologists are trained in interventional therapies including joint injections, arthrograms and hydrodilatations.



Hydrodilatation is a simple procedure for treating shoulder conditions such as adhesive capsulitis, also known as ‘frozen shoulder.’

During a Hydrodilatation the joint is anaesthetised and stretched, to help improve mobility and decrease the pain in the joint.

It is performed using imaging guidance to make sure the injection goes into the right part of the joint. Your specialist will request either an X-ray or an ultrasound.

Read our patient leaflet on what to expect before, during and after your injection. 


An Arthrogram is a diagnostic test performed to visualise your joint, usually the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle.

A common reason for requiring an MR Arthrogram is helping to find any damage to cartilage, ligaments, labrum, or laxity/instability of the joint. It is more accurate than a standard MRI scan in assessing internal structures of your joint, and can help plan when surgery is required. 

Read our patient leaflet on what to expect before, during and after your injection. 

Fortius offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging including MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Interventional radiology treatments include injections, arthrograms and hydrodilatations.
A dedicated one-stop clinic for diagnosing and treating achilles tendon pain using UTC ultrasound scanning. You'll be given a thorough treatment plan that is tailored to you.
At Fortius we have a team of expert Rheumatologists who diagnose and treat patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

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We offer diagnostic imaging services within the attractive settings of our two London clinics in Marylebone and The City. Fortius has the latest technology, as well as a team of specialist Consultant Radiologists, all experts in reporting musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Most examinations are performed within 48 hours of an initial consultation, and we provide a rapid turnaround service, with same day reporting for all scans performed before 6.00pm.