Sport after Arthroplasty

This session included presentations on: Return to sport after TSR; What activities can you do after elbow arthroplasty?; Sport after hip replacement – when not to do it; Sport after hip replacement – when you can do it?; TKR and sport – what does the literature say?; UKR and sport; and Ankle and big toe arthroplasty – what activities can you return to?

There were many common threads in the presentations in this session. In general, arthroplasty rates are increasing, involving a younger population and an increasingly active aging population. The pre-operative expectations for return to sport are quite high, but are not necessarily achieved post-operatively. The reasons for this seem to involve fear from both the patient and the surgeon. In general, return to low impact sport is recommended, although other sports can be allowed with previous experience. Return to high-end sport is perhaps a bonus outcome. However, it was suggested that advice has been too conservative and that ‘traditional’ rehabilitation protocols and restrictions could be challenged, with the caveat that the patient progresses sensibly. Some patients have been able to return to high impact activity; however, there is a need to protect the implant and patients should be counselled about the consequences of high-energy injury and perhaps faster prosthesis failure rates.