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Musculoskeletal problems, such as hip and knee osteoarthritis are the leading causes of disability in the UK, affecting more than 6.5m people and having a dramatic impact on lifestyle. Increasingly people see hip and knee replacement as an attractive alternative to chronic joint pain and the means to maintaining an active lifestyle.

Improvements in joint replacement surgical techniques and technology have greatly increased the effectiveness of total hip and knee replacement, leading to a sharp rise in the number of people opting for joint replacement surgery for both hip and knee, especially among the under 60s. Ten years ago there were around 10,000 hip replacements each year for those 59 and younger, but in 2015 that had risen to nearly 18,000.

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Fortius Joint Replacement at Bupa is a partnership between the Fortius Group and Bupa Health Services. The partnership aims to achieve new standards of excellence in hip and knee joint replacement surgery in the UK. The new specialist centre is at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, the internationally renowned private hospital in Kensington and Chelsea.

We’re proud to have a team of some of the UK’s leading experts in the field of joint replacement, who have worked together to agree a common approach for the centre, developing an evidence based best practice pathway, which will help us to deliver the most effective and highest quality of care for all out patients.

This represents a major step forward in the provision of outcomes driven private orthopaedics in London.

The approach at the new specialist centre is based on the principles of an enhanced recovery pathway (ERP), which aims to accelerate and improve all aspects of a patient’s recovery process following surgery. This pathway combines a proven approach to pain management, clinical and surgical practice, patient education, mobility, and lifestyle, all of which helps to achieve optimal outcomes.

This means that, as a patient, you benefit from a shorter stay in hospital and a carefully managed return home. You will come around from surgery pain free and can start your rehab immediately - walking on the day of their operation.

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As one of our patients, you’ll be encouraged to take an active part in your own care before, during, and after your operation and to involve your family and friends in this process.

Our patient information and education programme will help prepare you both physically and emotionally for your operation. Research has shown that participation in patient education results in a faster than average recovery and return to normal activities.

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To find out more about Fortius Joint replacement at Bupa visit our patient education website.