Fortius at Healthpoint, UAE

A new partnership

Fortius Clinic has now signed a contract with Healthpoint, Abu Dhabi’s leading multispecialty hospital to bring a surgical visitation programme for orthopaedics and sports medicine to the UAE. 

This partnership between two leading medical organisations offers patients in the UAE the opportunity to access the Fortius world-class sports medicine and orthopedic experts operating out of Abu Dhabi. Key consultants from Fortius Clinic will be flying to Abu Dhabi to visit Healthpoint and conduct specialised surgeries.

Jim McAcvoy, Chief Executive at Fortius

“At Fortius Clinic we have a commitment to advancing the science of medicine, enabling excellence in care across orthopaedics and sports medicine, to ensure the highest standard of clinical care, treatment and outcomes. We are pleased to partner with Healthpoint, a leading sports medicine centre of excellence in the UAE, and we look forward to bringing our collective expertise to Abu Dhabi. We have no doubt this partnership will go a long way in sealing Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s future as a world-class destination for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic care”.

Dr. Jose Lopez, Chief Executive Officer, at Healthpoint 

 “This is a partnership between two leading centers of excellence that are founded on a strong patient-centric approach to medical care. Healthpoint surgeons and Fortius surgeons marry the highest levels of international experience with in-depth local and cultural understanding, which means that patients no longer have to travel overseas or wait weeks to avail of world-leading sports medicine and orthopedic care”.

Mr Jonathon Lavelle, Consultant Knee Surgeon and Founding Fortius Clinician

“Fortius Clinic is led today by the same founding clinicians and provides the highest standard of care through a unique model; a collective highly sub-specialist approach. Sub-specialist advisory committees promote shared learning, best practice and a collegiate environment. Patients who are seen by a Fortius specialist benefit from the multidisciplinary input from all of our consultants, not just one.”

Optimum care

Being a FIFA medical center of excellence, Fortius’s partnership with Healthpoint, the official medical partner for the Manchester City Football Club, establishes both centers’ exceptional breadth of expertise in treating complex injuries among professional football players and athletes. Furthermore, Healthpoint features the right infrastructure and technologically advanced equipment to support the partnership, including Abu Dhabi’s largest in-house physiotherapy center to set patients on a firm path to recovery. 

The partnership is set to provide optimum care, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of injuries, expedited world-class services, without stepping foot out of the UAE.