Fracture repair

Elbow fractures that are displaced, unstable or open require surgery to remove bone fragments and realign the bones using pins, screws or plates so that they can heal correctly.

How long will it take to recover from surgery?

Initially you will be given a splint which will later be replaced with a brace to limit the movement of the joint while beginning exercises to strengthen it. Many patients are able to return to a full range of movement around six weeks after surgery and to their normal sporting activities between six months and a year after surgery. However, if your sport involves throwing it may take up to a year before you can resume competitive sports.

Arthroscopy allows surgeons to use a type of keyhole surgery to diagnose and treat joint problems.
Shoulder replacement surgery is not as common as knee or hip replacement, but can be very effective in relieving joint pain and helping people to carry on with everyday activities.
Used for treating calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff, this outpatient procedure uses ultrasound technology

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